Located on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland providing services for businesses in Maryland,Virginia and Delaware. 
Matrix offers a secure,cost effective,easily installed professional alternative to conventional methods of storing and managing your firms inactive business,medical & legal documents. This service eliminates literally all of the headaches associated with inactive document storage, while reducing costs and increasing the safety, security, functionality and accountability of your inactive document storage program.

Management and staffs involvement with pulling, boxing, transporting, retrieving, refilling, retention scheduling and document shredding  as well as the need to deal with available storage space issues will be totally eliminated from your agenda. Retrieval and re-filing, the sole purpose of maintaining inactive records, will be  effortless and 100 % accurate.  All transactions will be permanently recorded for future reference, using RCSE ,our FREE search engine software. Your system will maintain its file integrity  indefinitely. You can actually try our system on a trial basis to determine if it will actually meet your specific inactive document storage needs.

We provide FREE consulting support to assist you in evaluation our services. We will show you how your existing document storage system can be integrated into Matrix's fully computerized  professional system. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at
410-556-6590 or e-mail us at INFO@MATRIXFILE.ORG.

If you click on this envelope to e-mail us, and do not see an e-mail page, click on the new WORD icon at the bottom of your screen  to open and send us an e-mail.

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Our no long term storage commitment allows you to "try out" our services first, to determine if they will meet your specific document storage needs.
*  Unlimited, Very Safe & Secure Off Site Document Storage Services
*  100% Accurate Retrieval & Re-filing Services
*  Computerized Retention Scheduling, Shredding & Scanning Services
*  Computerized Database Insures long Term 100%  File System Accuracy